Christmas evenings are a Go!

The low-down. So the word is that we are laying on Christmas evenings. Even the rumour generated such a buzz that we got bookings the very morning we officially announced it. So here we go, hold on to your hats, pick up the phone and call 01308 422821 to book your...

Turn and Face the Strange

It starts with a feeling – something could be better, something could be changed. You bring it up with people – work colleagues, customers, friends – how can we change this aspect of our business to improve it? You come up with ideas, toss them out...
Christmas Tapas start tonight!

Christmas Tapas start tonight!

Remember those awesome tapas nights we ran over the summer? Well, we’re relaunching them for all you Christmas party lovers. We’ve assembled the most awesome festive delights and given them the Soulshine Tapas spin. Tired of Roast turkey drudgery before...

We are open!
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