how Chris and Lisa built soulshine

How did we get here? A long road, rail and air trip with two starting points – Montreal, Canada and London, England – and with one destination – Bridport, Dorset.

What did we do? We made something. A café, a coffee-house, a juice bar, a shop.

How did we do it? We took little scraps of our favourite places in our favourite cities and shook them up in a jam jar. Then we saw what it looked like and shook it again. And again. Then we found the most amazing people from around and about to help us shape and model and paint and stick and build our dream. Along the way we poured our hearts in. What else can you do?

We ended up with Soulshine. It looks kinda small from the front. But come inside and you discover our café. There’s a neat place for lots of people to sit and a sunny courtyard. When it’s sunny.

how we do Soulshine food
how we use soulshine dried chillies
how we grow our herbs in the Soulshine greenhouse


We dreamed up the most delicious, healthy and energising juices and smoothies we could imagine and figured out how to make them. Then we found the right juicers and blenders, and the best fruit and veg to bring them to life. Some of our juices help you feel healthier. Some help you feel summery. They all do something. We love our juices and smoothies.

We schooled ourselves in speciality coffee by listening to independent roasters, expert baristas and other coffee shop owners. Armed with this, we trained our own baristas and let them loose to play, learn, and discover until they could turn around and teach us. Now our baristas bring in coffees from amazing roasters from around the UK and get the best out of them. Our favourite roaster is Extract. They roast our house blend. We love our coffee.


We thought about our favourite daytime places to eat and got inspired by them. We did things like import maple syrup from Ontario for our Canadian pancakes and Austrian herbal teas for our shelves. We love fresh, uplifting, exciting things to eat – salads, sandwiches, lunches, platters. We love breakfasts too.

We also love independent magazines. We built a magazine rack to display them. It’s so nice. Now we stock a bunch of awesome magazines you can’t find in most places. We think more people should read independent magazines so we like helping people discover them. They look really cool on our wall too.

We wanted to make sure children feel welcome and part of the whole scene, rather than just tolerated. So there’s a little play spot where they can hang out or find something to take to their table. It’s filled with old stuff we got off ebay. For months we kept getting little packages delivered with fisher price characters inside.

how we display our independent magazines at soulshine


We use green things grown by people we know and like, and who feel like part of a community. We take care to know who looks after the livestock that becomes the meat and poultry in our meals, and that these animals are looked after properly.

Our butcher is up the road. Our Halloumi comes from a small organic cooperative. We bake all our own bread using organic flour from a mill in Shaftesbury. The pig farmer who supplies our sausages is called Tom. The organic milk for our coffee comes from a herd of cows in Somerset. Dave’s cows.

The independent coffee roasters we use – like Extract in Bristol – source their coffee themselves and ensure growers receive more for their products than Fair Trade prices.

Soulshine is closed for now

See you soon!