It starts with a feeling – something could be better, something could be changed. You bring it up with people – work colleagues, customers, friends – how can we change this aspect of our business to improve it? You come up with ideas, toss them out there, talk about them, change them, change them again. You come up with a solution, and decide that this change could be good.

And then you worry.

Because, no matter how thoroughly you’ve thought about it, change is scary. A flawed reality is still that – a reality. It is definable, understandable, warts and all. An idea is abstract and there is no way of actually knowing if it will work. You predict, once you’ve made the change, a few people will grumble – some people are change-averse, and you have messed with the fabric of their routine.

But then… you go for it.

Radically reworking the front area of Soulshine, from welcoming juice bar with window seats, to the creation of a comfortable, colourful, social space, went through just this journey. Yes we worried, yes we procrastinated, but then, at last, we went for it.

The result? Happiness all round. The front of Soulshine has been reinvented, with dedicated lounge area and more tables such that you’re much more likely to get a seat, even when we are buzzing.

And you know what? There have been no grumbles, just happy chilled out customers.  Even positive change is scary, but it is so worth taking the leap.